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Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Hair Oil & Shampoo for Hair Regrowth, Hair Fall, Baldness


Kesh Bhringa hair oil rapidly increases blood circulation to the scalp. The most important of the 3 faces of hair root is Anagen Phase (Hair Growth Phase), which is stimulated by our oil to make hair follicle grow from the roots.

It gives best results in baldness, alopecia ereata, hair loss, premature graying and many other hair issue for both men and women.

Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Hair Oil & Shampoo is India’s only oil which is a result of more than 10 years of in-depth research that gives results in growing new hair.

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What to do first?

After buying this pack, first click a photo of your head and once when you have used half the bottle of oil and shampoo,  click another photograph to compare between earlier and later. The result will be visible to you clearly. Often people gets surprised with unbelievable results of Kesh Bhringa that is there any such hair oil in the world which actually grows the hair from the roots again. Believe us you will become so confident after using just 1 pack of Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Hair Oil & Shampoo that you would talk about it to 10 other people. We are so sure about this product because the doctors of our team have achieved the success of finding this formula only after extensive research. Our doctors have spent more than 10 years of their life in research of how to grow hair again with the herbs of Ayurveda. It stops hair fall in just 7-10 days, will start turning gray hair black from the root again and you can get rid of white hair in few months, It is the best hair oil and shampoo for making hair of ladies thick, strong and long.

What is the correct way to use it?

Apply Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Herbal Shampoo, do a gentle massage for 4-5 minutes and then rinse the hair with clean water. Let the hair dry thoroughly after taking a bath. Now you apply Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Hair Oil in the roots of hair and Massage gently  for 20-25 minutes. Please remember, gentle massage of the oil is key to new hair growth and if you want best results, please do not skip this step. You have to repeat the same process in the evening i.e. at night also massage the hair with oil properly for 20-25 minutes. The better the massage, better the result will be. You can witness unbelievable results as what can  these small bottles  of oil and shampoo can do.

We would recommend you to not buy this oil if in case you think that you do not have 20 minutes daily for your own hair. Because it is a pure Ayurvedic preparation and results in Ayurveda come through two ways, first right way of preparation (including adopting right method of formulation, correct and pure herbs used and right conditions of formulations) and second, correct method of use of the medicine including way to consume or apply and abstinence if any applicable for that medicine. For this hair oil and shampoo the first part is taken care by us properly and we have already found the right formula of hair regrowth from root for you, only second part of 20 minutes gentle massage is required from your end. If you can’t do that, results might vary greatly and we do not want the Ayurveda be doubted because someone does not follow the right way of application of the medicine.


How do we know that we are benefitting from this hair oil and shampoo?

Within 3-4 days of use of this hair oil and shampoo, your head will start to sweat. This means small hair follicles which were closed for long have started opening. As soon as 8-10 days pass, a slight, sweet, itching in the head will start being noticed, which makes it understand that hair has started growing in the roots. It I a clear cut sign that this hair re growth would continue for couple of more days and your head will be owning strong hair soon and it will start looking black with hair shortly.

Many of our customers have given very encouraging feedback of outstanding results of Kesh Bhringa hair oil and shampoo.

Testimonial from one of our satisfied customers –

Important: Many people apply oil but they do not do the head massage. Even if they do not do the massage, benefits will be seen from using Kesh Bhringa hair oil and shampoo, but results will not be as desired in absence of massage of 20 minutes every time every day. We want you to do the massage honestly every morning and evening for 20-20 minutes. On Kesh Bhringa Ayurvedic Hair Oil and shampoo formula doctors of Songara All Ayurvedic Team have done over 10 years of intensive research and then the formula is discovered. We have tested it on thousands of people, on various age groups from children to people of age of up to 75 years. Results are fantastic for every one as reported by themselves. With this oil the better the massage, the better the results will be. Massage helps regrowth of hair fast as out of 3 phases of skin, most important Anagen Phase (Hair Growth Phase, this oil reaches there, stimulates Blood Circulation, which causes new hairs to be grown from the root.

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